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If you need any help choosing their new window coverings, our decorators will come to the rescue! Look below at some of our latest projects and see how we've helped so many customers make the right choice of new window coverings.

Roman Shades | Vernon

Roman Shades

Customer Issue: Mrs. Glass loved the folds of curtains but wanted something that took up less space. 
Our Solution: We arrived for a consult and ended up taking the measurements and writing down the pattern Mrs. Glass liked best in order to create the perfect window treatment for her living room! We made her a set of roman shades because they met all of her requirements, and, as soon as they were ready, we returned and completed the installation. We left Mrs. Glass to enjoy her sleek and stylish living room.

Lydia Glass - Vernon
Exterior Shades Next To Maywood CA

Exterior Shades

Customer Issue: Mr. Hardy found that too much sunlight flooding his deck made it difficult to enjoy it while using his smartphone or tablet.
Our Solution: Exterior shades would let Mr. Hardy keep out as much or as little sunlight as he wanted, and stop glare from interrupting his relaxation time. They would also keep the deck cooler, and more pleasant to be on. Once he decided on brown polyester for the material, we took care of marking down the measurements to create the shades. Our professionals put them in after they had been made.

Lance Hardy - Maywood
Blackout Curtains Close To Maywood CA

Blackout Curtains

Customer Issue: Mr. May was having trouble getting to sleep due to a bright streetlamp right outside of his bedroom window that would shine in even with closed blinds.
Our Solution: Our experts went over various styles and options with Mr. May to help him find what would both solve his problem, as well as look compatible in the room. He decided that blackout curtains would best suit the area as they would help keep the bright light out, while also adding a feeling of flowing space to the area.

William May - Maywood
Blinds for Skylight Windows Nearby Vernon CA

Blinds for Skylight Windows

Customer Issue: The customer wanted to better insulate her home by having something to cover her skylights after she learned that windows tend to be the problem when it comes to poor insulation.
Our Solution: After thorough measuring of all of the customer’s skylights, our experts got to work creating perfectly fitting blinds that would keep both heat and air conditioning safely inside the home. As soon as they were completed, our professionals installed them.

Melanie Wong - Vernon
Wood Blinds Next to Glendale CA

Wood Blinds

Customer Issue: The house was over 200 years old and needed updated window treatments. The customer didn’t want faux wood blinds but rather the authentic thing.
Our Solution: To keep the classic look the customer chose to install hardwood blinds, with a cordless lift, which enabled easy adjustment and light control. The route holes were covered with a chic cloth tape and a valance was added for an extra accent.

Jay Mercado - Glendale
Motorized Shades Close-by Huntington Park CA

Motorized Shades

Customer Issue: This customer had difficulties opening and closing the shades on his high-set windows. 
Our Solution: Our team took all the necessary measures and mounted custom-made shades on the windows. Before leaving, our technicians gave the customer step-by-step instructions so that he would be able to program the remote and use it on his own.

Denis Roberts - Huntington Park
Bamboo Shades Next To Maywood CA

Bamboo Shades

Customer Issue: Our customer wanted window treatments that were long lasting and easy to clean.
Our Solution: Our team recommended bamboo shades because they were made from a renewable resource, needed just a little cleaning and last for years! Once the customer gave us the green light, our technicians installed the shades and let our customer enjoy their elegance and beauty.

Tom Smithson - Maywood
Roman Shades Close To Walnut Park CA

Roman Shades

Customer Issue: This customer wanted shades that looked elegant and were easy to clean and use.
Our Solution: After listening to our customer’s needs, our team explained why roman shades were the perfect fit for him. Having mounted the motorized version the customer opted for, our professionals programmed the remote and carefully explained how everything worked.

Ford Watson - Walnut Park
Professional Blinds Installers

Professional Blinds Installers

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Free Estimate

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Personal Touch

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High Quality Products

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