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Motorized Shades

Motorized Shades | Los Angeles, CA

Wouldn't it be better if you could simply push a button and your blinds will roll up all by themselves? Of course, it would be, which is why there's a specific type of window treatment that makes this possible. Motorized shades are an excellent way to put coverings on high and hard to reach windows, and they save you the trouble of having to mess around with strings and cords. Because they can be custom made, they can fit any window of any dimensions, so there are no limitations on size and shape.

What Are The Benefits To Having Motorized Shades?

Motorized shades are the type of window coverings that resemble a scroll. They roll up to expose the window and let sunlight in, and unfurl downwards to cover it back up to increase privacy or UV protection. Because they can be custom made, they can fit perfectly over a window, and won't leave gaps that will allow light to get in or people to peer inside. The attached motor means that there’s no need to manually open or close them yourself, you can instead just press a button to let in as much or as little sunlight as you want!

There are many benefits to switching to motorized shades that perfectly suit your windows. Whether in the living room when you’re settling down to watch TV, or in the bedroom when you want complete darkness to get some quality sleep, you’ll be able to have them closed with a quick push of a button rather than having to get up and do it yourself manually. They can also be controlled via a remote control, which means you won't even have to stand to open or close them. There are blackout options if you want an even more surefire way to keep sunlight out, as well as various light filtering materials that increase or decrease privacy or opaqueness. You’re in control of how much or how little light gets in, and you can even set a timer to close or open them automatically.

Quick And Easy Installation

Our team will come out right away to measure your windows in order to get the exact size no matter how oddly shaped they are. We use the best tools and materials to install these motorized shades, as we know how crucial the installation part is when it comes to ensuring these units are able to keep working problem-free for a very long time. We always test them after the installation is complete to ensure they're all working flawlessly. Our team here at Los Angeles Blinds & Shades is ready and waiting to help you. Call us today or use our online scheduling system to book an appointment. We'll be more than happy to consult you and answer all your questions.


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