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Motorized Blinds

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Motorized blinds can offer convenience and effective covering solutions for any Los Angeles area window. Learn more by setting up a free estimate!

Motorized Blinds

Low Automatic Blinds In Los Angeles

Automation has become synonymous with high tech, and in the case of window blinds, that’s never been truer. Motorized blinds give you remote control features you can utilize to control natural sunlight any way you choose. With these automatic window coverings, you can add or reduce light or darkness inside any part of your Los Angeles property. From automatic blackout blinds for bedrooms to motorized window treatments for office spaces and more. Choose the design and type of blinds you want motorized and get custom covering solutions installed at the best prices near you!

Wired Motorized Window Treatments

One of the most common types of power sources for motorized blinds or shades is a direct wiring connection. The motorized blinds connect directly to the main electrical infrastructure of your Los Angeles household or business space and use it as their main power source. The benefits of these sorts of motorized blinds are speed and unison. You can have multiple sets of motorized window blinds move simultaneously with exact percussion. Installing wired motorized blinds can take a little longer than other options, due to having to run cables and wires behind walls and so on. But the results make it well worth the effort.

Battery Powered Electric Blinds

Don’t want to have to rely on your main power grid for energy? Battery-powered motorized blinds will solve that problem. With a connected battery pack, these electric window treatments will have no issues running even if your main power goes out. Installing battery-powered motorized blinds is faster and easier too, taking very little time compared to wired alternatives. Of course, you’ll have to charge or replace the battery every so often. What’s more, the battery pack often sticks out, therefore those who don’t like this aesthetic might opt for other types of power sources for motorized window blinds.

Solar Powered Motorized Blinds

It seems pretty self-explanatory, but let’s give you a short overview anyway. Solar-powered motorized blinds use sunlight as their main power source. Connected to solar panels to feed them energy, solar motorized blinds can cost you nothing when it comes to powering them. This is an excellent way to save money on energy, especially in sunny Los Angeles weather conditions. Naturally, solar-powered motorized blinds cost a little more, and the installation might take a bit longer. However, this eco-friendly window covering solution pays back dividends in multiple ways. The only real downside of solar-powered blinds for windows is a dependency on weather. If it gets too cloudy, you’ll find power runs out fast. And if you don’t have a battery for the motorized blinds to work off at night, by the end of the day the solar panels won’t provide any juice.

Get Custom Motorized Blinds Installed in Los Angeles or Nearby

Find out everything you want to know about automatic window covering solutions by discussing things with our professionals. The free estimates we provide help clients gain a better understanding of motorized blinds and the many different features they can use. With custom made blinds with remote controls, you can cover any window of any size to perfection. Start learning more by booking a free consultation with our local motorized blinds installers. We provide in-person quotes and have plenty of design options to offer!


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