Zebra blinds

July 6, 2016
Zebra Blinds

Zebra blinds feature a distinctive design with bold horizontal lines and clear, crisp colors that can brighten up a room or space. The design creates various patterns of lights and shades, depending on how far apart the blinds are adjusted. This allows light to flow in the room while maintaining privacy. It can also be adjusted so that sunlight is blocked from coming in – perfect setting to use during high UV level seasons.

Built with select materials, the Premium Series include UV protection capabilities. The sleek design coupled with its crisp colors provides a refreshing appearance to home interiors. It’s compact head rail and bottom rail shows a clean and fashionable solution to mounting window coverings.

Sophisticated Zebra Blinds

Thinking of getting new blinds but unsure if this might be the type? Contact us today to get free consultation at your home or office, or order free samples online to get a taste of our products! Our zebra blinds, like all of our window treatments, are custom built to allow precise tailor fit installation that comes with a 5-year warranty. When it comes to quality, we at Los Angeles Blinds & Shades never settle! Contact us anytime.