Roller blinds

July 6, 2016
Roller blinds

Roller blinds are designed as either standalone fixtures to cover glass panels and windows or as additional sheer fabric covering for basic slatted blinds to add privacy. Most window treatments, such as shades, roller shades, and blinds offer features that provide added functionality to installed window coverings. Installing custom shade blinds provides more options for preventing light from seeping
into a room. Its functionality also extends to adding more color and style that helps brighten up a room.

Design and Structure

Modern blinds are often designed with two types of coverings, the first layer is the slatted horizontal panels followed by a sheer fabric covering to add more privacy when the slats are open. Both the slatted panels and the fabric covering can be drawn up to allow a wider view of the window or can be adjusted to close to prevent light from seeping inside a space.

Most window and glass panel coverings are custom built and made to fit windows and doors of any size. Custom installation involves a consultation to find out exact specifications and design. Each set of these window interior décor sets comes with a 5-year warranty. Request free samples of fabrics to find out which material suits best.