July 19, 2016

From Silhouette Blinds to Roman Shades – We Have It All!

If you want to learn more about window blinds and shades, this is the right place to do so. Our FAQ page provides detailed answers to important questions asked by home and business owners when it comes to window coverings. Get valuable information and advice to make the best choice.
From Silhouette Blinds to Roman Shades – We Have It All!

Do you offer installation for your blinds?

Yes! Los Angeles Blinds & Shades both sells blinds and offers installation services in addition to repairs, maintenance and replacements for most of our brands. Give us a call and we’ll send a representative to your house for a free consultation and possible installation.

What’s the difference between window blinds and shades?

Usually, the two terms are used interchangeably, but they actually indicate different window treatments. Blinds have slats, and their position can be adjusted. Shades represent one whole piece of canvas, which can be lowered for covering the window.

Do I need both shades and drapery for my windows?

It all depends on your preferences. You can get opaque shades that block ambient light completely. Alternatively, you can have ones that offer privacy, but let some light in and use drapery to prevent the sun from bothering you when needed.

Do you do custom shades or blinds?

Yes we do. We understand that not all windows or doors are the same. Some are small, some are wide and some may be irregularly shaped or positioned. We customize shades and blinds to fit your needs.

Do you give free consultations for measurement and quotations?

After you call us, we’ll send a representative to your home at the agreed upon schedule. Our representative will take a look at your needs and offer you the products and services that we carry. These consultations are always free.

Do your blinds have warranties?

Yes they do. We stand by the high quality of our products and offer you, our clients, 5 years on all products bought from and installed by us.